With the assistance of:

Third Digital Photo Salon - 14.03.2012 18:31:18

National Academy of Photography – Bulgaria Ref. 0001/2012

FIAP Reference number: 2012/137




Terms of participation:
Professionals and amateurs worldwide can participatein this competition.



  • Entry Deadline: 20.05.2012
  • Judging:30.05.2012
  • Notification: 06.06.2012
  • Exhibition opening and awarding: 22.06.2012
  • Catalogue sending: 30.08.2012

Three sections:


  • Open 
  • Landscape
  • Nude photography (studio produced imagesare not accepted)

Participants can produce up to 4 images per section.

This is a digital Salon. The images may be sent two ways:

On:  www.photovacation.org

The file should be:

In JPG compression, RGB 30/40 cm., 250 dpi (recommended, not obligatory)

No frames or signatures are allowed

Files bigger than 8 MB or smaller than 1,5 MB will not be accepted


On a single CD(the CD will not be returned).

The images should be in original resolution JPG compression

No frames or signatures are allowed

Files smaller than 1,5 MB will not be accepted


The file name the name of the image!


When sent by classic mail you should use the entry form.

Participation fee:
Entry fee: 20 EU for one section, 25 EU for two sections, 30 EU for three sections,

100 EU for group participation of more than five people


Cheques are not accepted. Entries without entry fee will not be judged.

Payment methods:

·       Via PayPal to the following PayPal account: superemo@abv.bg;

·       The fee can be send by mail


·       FIAP Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and honourable mentions for each separate section.

·       Best Author Award

The authors of the selected works will receive diplomas for their participation in the exhibition and catalogues.


  • Special Award for each section Gold Medal winners: Photovacation for two in Bulgaria, in a Black Sea resort (01.09.2011 – 09.09.2011)


1.     Valentin Kirov AFIAP – CHAIRMAN

2.     Sergey Buslenko (Ukraine) EFIAP/Gold, ES.FIAP

3.     Gencho Petkov AFIAP

4.     Georgi Velichkov

5.     Nadezhda Pavlova


1.     Nikolay Treyman

The exhibition will be displayed at other forums as well.
A filled-in Entry form must accompanythe CDand the entry fee(in case there is no onlineregistration on:www.photovacation.org)
Organizers keep the right to use admitted works for non-commercial aims for popularizing Photovacation 2011.

Send your CD at the following address:(download entry form)
1504 Sofia, P.B. 7 – Bulgaria


register online

+359 888 81 22 84